Clarion Couture Team!


Madison Pearson

Madison is part owner of Clarion Couture. She is from Belmont, Mississippi and is 25 years old. Aside from running Clarion Couture she is also a cosmetologist and owns a Salon in Belmont. Clarion Couture was founded 5 years ago, so she has been here from the start! Madison sees after social media, online and in store sales, ordering product  and so much more! One of her favorite things about being a boutique owner is the relationships built with customers, vendors, etc.  In her free time she enjoys anything outdoors and spending time with her family and friends! A bible verse she holds dearest to her is, Psalm 46:5. Simply because if God is your number one, you follow His path, pray about every situation and LISTEN to Him...there’s no way you can fail. Don’t forget that His plans, aren’t always ours!


Morgan Poole

Morgan is part owner of Clarion Couture. She is from Belmont, Mississippi and is 26 years old. When she is not at Clarion she is working alongside her mom doing web work for her business. She has been with Clarion for 5 years, which is when it started. Morgan sees after our web work, social media scheduling, photo shoots, online and in store sales and so much more! One of her favorite bible verses is Matthew 5:16! She is mommy to Maddix, whom fills much of her time! She loves all things Disney, working out, food, and soaking up the sun!

Maycee Chambers

Maycee is part owner at Clarion Couture. She is from Belmont, Mississippi and is 19 years old. She is currently attending Northeast Community College where she plans to pursue a degree in the nursing field. Maycee has also been here from the beginning! She helps see over social media, helps us gather content for the web, and models for photo shoots! She can style together any outfit and helps us out when it comes to searching for looks for the younger crowd! In her free time you can find her watching YouTube, eating sour candy/spicy food, watching Netflix, or showing off the newest make up trend! She loves to spend time with family & friends! One of Maycee’s favorite bible verses would be  Ephesians 1:4!