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Kendra Scott Boutique Necklaces

Kendra Scott is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The brand is loved by the media, by celebrities, and by customers. We bring that brand and that love to Clarion Couture with our offerings of new Kendra Scott necklaces. These timeless fashion pieces will make you feel confident and elegant. And best of all...you can get these necklaces at affordable prices.

Necklaces for All Styles

Necklaces are an essential fashion accessory for any outfit. Whether for a date night, a work event, or to meet friends, there’s plenty of styles in this collection. Choose from the popular pendant Drusy necklaces, close-fitting chokers, or long necklaces in metals like platinum, rose gold, and the ever-classic gold. You will also have your choice of stones such as White Abalone, Red Magnesite, and Ivory Mother of Pearl.

There’s something for everyone in this selection of boutique necklaces. You can wear these necklaces alone, or layered with other necklaces. With Clarion Couture’s selection of Kendra Scott necklaces, you can look the way you want to feel (trust us: we already know you’re gorgeous).

Offerings at Clarion Couture

Check out our other new accessories, clothing arrivals, and other offerings at Clarion Couture. If you wish to give someone a gift you know they’ll love, pick up a new Kendra Scott necklace today. If you want to show off your new find, you can post a picture and tag us on our Facebook and Instagram, and you can add us on Snapchat.