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It is officially the holidays! We have all suffered a food coma and started putting up our Christmas decorations, now what? Time for all that crazy hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. You probably went out and endured the insane Black Friday shopping that continued on through the weekend and now on Cyber Monday. Bless your souls! Everyone is looking for the best deal, myself included. I am guilty of shopping at chain stores and big box stores just to find the lowest price possible. There is nothing wrong with this but my blog today is about shopping local. Saturday was actually Small Business Saturday. This was something created by American Express to keep people shopping local. So why shop local? Here are a few reasons:

1. Shopping local creates and keeps jobs in the community, not just for that local place you are shopping at. 

2. For every dollar spent local it regenerates back into our local community compared to a chain-owned store. When you shop in another city all those taxes go towards their community, not ours.

3. The business owners can cater directly to their customer's needs unlike chain stores where you just get what you get. For example, you like a certain top but wish it came in a different color? As an owner of a local boutique they will do whatever it takes to keep you shopping with them.

4. Customer Service! This is a biggie! Everyone likes to get that 1 on 1 shopping experience. Those employees know that without you there is no job so they are going to go above and beyond to take care of your needs. 

5. When you shop local, those businesses get to use local businesses as well. They hire local CPA's, use local banks, and when they need supplies they run to the nearest store to supply them. Like the picture above, it is a cycle that we the people of the community have to keep going. 

It is always fun to take a girls shopping day to Tupelo, Corinth, Florence, and even Memphis and Nashville. I am always up for a girls trip that involves shopping and traveling, but before you gas up and head out of Tishomingo County don't forget that their are several local businesses that depend on you guys to keep them running each month. They love seeing your faces and knowing that they are receiving support from the community. When you shop at your local boutique, grocery store, and restaurant you are supporting someone's dream and their livelihood. 

I hope this helps give you more of an incentive to shop local this holiday season, spread the joy and the dough! :)

Happy Shopping! 




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