How It All Started



Ever wonder how Clarion Couture came about?

Three sisters Morgan, Madison, and Maycee came upon the idea to start a boutique in honor of their cousin, Clarion Malaya Wood. Clarion Malaya Wood was diagnosed with ATRT cancer,which is a tumor that attacks towards the brain, at a very young age of eight months old . The cancer was very rare to receive at this age. The family was devastated when they received the overwhelming information that was presented to them. With thousands of people praying all over the world for her healing, and after several prayer meetings held in her hometown, and many tears shed, Malaya passed away at twenty-two months old. She fought a long and petrifying battle with the agonizing cancer. Clarion Malaya Wood changed so many lives. She was a fighter and was God's angel sent to not only our family, but to thousands of others. She brought people to theirs knees, crying out to god. She also helped people to stop and realize the important things in life, to remember there is always someone out there who has it worse than you do, and that prayer is a powerful thing. When all of this came about, we were encouraged to make a difference in people's lives and to honor our sweet Malaya even if it was by doing a small local boutique in Belmont, Mississippi. Many boutiques can be out of price range for many people, but we try to make it within reasonable consideration for all people to shop at Clarion Couture. Our aspiration is to change lives, raise money for different organizations, keep our prices affordable for everyone and most importantly remember our precious Clarion Malaya Wood while doing a job that we all three love to do!


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