Prom Season! How to Pick the Perfect Dress

Woman in a black prom dress

The most exciting time of the year has arrived: prom season!

We all love prom season, and we love getting glammed up with our hair, makeup, and gorgeous prom dresses. But wait! How do you choose the right one? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this ultimate prom dress guide, we talk about some of the most outstanding and affordable prom dresses (and all of the styles we discuss in this guide are right here at Clarion Couture!). And if you’re wondering what accessories to pair with your dress, we’ve got plenty of ideas.

Let’s get started!

Woman in a V-Neck floral prom dress

Turn Heads With a V-Neck

Dare to steal to spotlight and walk-in as bright as the stars because after all, it’s your time to shine. A V-neck prom dress from Clarion Couture is a versatile, affordable prom dress. Choose a plunging neckline to attract more attention or go for a low neckline to stay discreet. Accessorize this style with a simple necklace, because with this neckline, you’re already stealing the show.

Woman in a halter neckline prom dress

Dazzle in a Halter Neckline

Wow, this is an affordable and sleek prom dress that will give you what you need! This mermaid style with a halter neckline is great for girls who want to reveal their shoulders instead of their collar bones. Spend your evening on the dance floor whirling and twirling! To add a classic complement to this dress, choose a pair of black stilettos. Add a silver or gold bracelet but forget about a necklace (this neckline doesn’t need one). Tie your hair up and be expressive with your makeup, because it’s time to steal the show.

Woman in a square neckline prom dress

Stay Chic With a Square Neckline

This stylish neckline features two linear side edges forming two 90 degree angles on each corner. A square neckline dress perfectly complements all shapes. You can wear this affordable square neckline prom dress with some dazzling drop earrings. What’s amazing about this particular style is the variety of accessories you can pair with it: long gloves, strappy shoes, cute purse, and even a beautiful ring will all fit this look.

Woman in an off shoulder prom dress

Be Bold In An Off the Shoulder Dress

Always on-trend, an off-the-shoulder dress is the affordable dream prom dress for most girls. And if there’s one perfect occasion to wear this style, it’s prom night! Get that chic Marilyn Monroe appeal and wear a cute off-the-shoulder prom dress. With soft straps that drop laterally on the arms, you’ll have all the attention on you. Add a lovely, eye-catching collar necklace and don’t be shy: everyone is looking at you!

Prom dress with an illusion neckline

Bring Some Magic With an Illusion Neckline

Bring the magic and wear an illusion neckline dress for the prom night. This cut and the stretchy, see-through fabric neckline makes this dress unique. Featuring two fabrics that create the illusion of a strapless dress, the covering bodice is joined by transparent fabric or lace that covers the collarbone and neck. Accessorize your cute, affordable prom dress with some silver stud earrings or bracelets. Yes, you’ll be more stunning than everyone else with an illusion neckline.

Get the Meghan Markle Look With a Bateau Neckline

Who has never dreamed of stealing Meghan Markle’s style for a night? Well, the time is now! Feel like a princess with a bateau neckline dress for your upcoming prom. With such a head-turning look, you’ll remember the night forever. With a wide neckline that runs horizontally front and back close to the collar bones, this cute prom dress makes any girl appear pretty and classy. Go for some long black gloves and add a ring to create the best appearance. And if you want to bring more style to this dress, choose some makeup to highlight your eyes (a smokey eye, for instance).

Prom dress with spaghetti straps

Don’t Be Shy With a Spaghetti Strap Dress

How about wearing a cute spaghetti strap prom dress? Nobody will have a dress like yours. A spaghetti strap prom dress allows you to step out in style. This type of neckline leaves the shoulders free and features two delicate straps. Shy but chic, walk in the ballroom with great appeal in a spaghetti strap prom dress. Pair this stylish and affordable prom dress with a golden necklace and be bubbly with a pretty pink lip.

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