Cute Homecoming Outfits

Couple laughing together taking pictures in fancy clothes

Get your dancing shoes ready—it’s time to talk about homecoming!

As one of the standout events of the school year, we understand the stress around homecoming. Not only do you have a busy week full of events, but you still have to find the perfect eye-catching outfit for the homecoming dance. We’ve all been there and we understand—finding cute homecoming outfits that still feel like you is no easy task.

While we can’t tell you exactly what to wear, we can give you a few fashion tips that might guide narrow down your options for HoCo outfits. Want to strut into the dance with confidence? Just follow these easy guidelines.


When it comes to cute homecoming outfits, you just can’t go wrong with sequins. It’s never fully out of style, and it definitely adds some eye-catching flair to your look. Who could ignore you in a bright, shimmery gown? Absolutely no one.


Tulle is a staple of fancy dresses for a reason. With fabric that extends gently from your body, tulle creates an almost princess-like feel. It has a classic appearance and it’s usually pretty comfortable to wear. It doesn’t hug your body too closely, allowing plenty of room to comfortably dance and twirl the night away. Short tulle dresses are always a standout homecoming choice. If comfort is your top priority, tulle might be the perfect option for you.

Beaded Details

Much like sequins, beaded details are always in style when it comes to cute homecoming outfits. While they’re not as forceful as a fully-sequined gown, they definitely add a healthy dose of glitz and glam to your look. Beaded details often focus on the bodice of your dress, adding a little more shape to your design. You can emphasize your figure and give your look a little sparkle—it’s a win-win.

Comfortable Shoes

If we’re talking about homecoming, we obviously have to address your footwear. We know it’s tempting to hop into the highest heels you can find, but trust us—that would be a mistake. Since you’ll be wearing your shoes all night, you have to remember that comfort is key. There’s nothing worse than being forced to leave the dance floor because your feet just can’t take it anymore. Whatever shoes you choose, just make sure they’re comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy the dance without worrying about your feet.

Looking Beautiful Starts With Feeling Beautiful

At the end of the day, cute homecoming outfits are less about the dress and more about how you feel in the dress. While there’s no shame in wanting to look chic, you also have to consider what you actually like. You can browse the racks of cute HoCo dresses all day, but you’ll never find something that feels right until you consider your own taste. Even if it’s not the most on-trend design, you have to feel beautiful in whatever you put on. If you feel good, we guarantee all that confidence will shine through, making you look just as gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside.

Still sifting through your options for cute HoCo dresses? Find plenty of cute homecoming outfits in our collection of formal wear at Clarion Couture! And if you need help deciding amongst your many possibilities for HoCo outfits, don’t hesitate to email us at We’d love to help you!