Classics for Your Capsule Wardrobe

Walk-in closet

You may have heard the buzz by now, but capsule wardrobes, which are closets consisting of just a few essentials that can be mixed and matched, are all anyone’s talking about. This, of course, also includes a few seasonal items and a lot of emphasis placed on classic and reusable pieces to create a multitude of looks. They must be versatile, great for year-round use, and items that won’t go out of style year over year. If you’re still on the fence about making this transition, look at it as a way to reduce the amount of clothing you have in your closet while maintaining a high level of style. It’s a win-win, honestly.

Keep reading to see how to build your very own capsule wardrobe!

Get a Few of the Classic Pieces

Girl wearing jeans and sneakers

The items in your wardrobe should be the building blocks to your personal style. These are pieces that make up the foundation of your every look. We recommend that you invest in high-quality, classic pieces that elevate your look and work well across seasons. This includes jeans/trousers, dresses, coats, layering tops, skirts, blazers, solid tops, and sweaters. In fact, most capsule wardrobes contain skirts, jeans, and coats for their style flexibility.

A pullover or lightweight jacket is also a must. A basic blouse for work or date night is also a must-have. Jeans are, of course, a necessary part of a cute wardrobe. A dress or sweater dress is also a great choice for year-round wear. Find the right style and sizes, and you’ll be fashion ready all year long.

Don’t Forget Colors, Prints, and Patterns

Woman in flower print pants, striped hat, and lace gloves

Once you’ve got your staples, add trends, colors, prints, and patterns. This is an important part of the wardrobe building process, as these pieces become your transitional staples throughout the course of the year. Fall scarves, a floppy summer hat, insulated gloves, and patterned tops all fit the bill. You’ll want a basic tee that can be useful in layering during the colder months. Try a solid top or printed top and see which fits your personal style.

Stock Up on Seasonal Items

Woman in a sweater and scarf holding a mug of tea

Don’t forget to include a couple of seasonal items that can help accent your look. Jumpsuits make a great seasonal item. A short romper can be a fun choice for the warmer months. Pair with light jackets, hats, and accessories for a look that constantly evolving. A long pant jumpsuit is perfect for the colder months and can work well with winter ponchos.

There are many ways to build your very own capsule wardrobe, but the most important rule of all is to let it reflect your personality. If you pick the basics of your personal style, then you’ll create the perfect cute wardrobe to see you through the year! You can find every essential piece for your wardrobe here at Clarion Couture.